Friday, May 2, 2014

Farm Heroes Saga Cheats is a tool created for the game that is a classic match-three game that tasks you with collecting the right crops and materials for your farm. Along the way you'll collect animals, hatch chickens, pick flowers, and even go head to head with Rancid the Raccoon.

Farm Heroes Saga Cheats Tool

farm heroes saga cheats

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About The Game

At the moment, Farm Heroes Saga sticks very closely to the Candy Crush Saga style of play. The game prompts you to log in via Facebook so that you can see the scores of your friends, and you begin on a world map at the start of a long path of levels, which you'll no doubt work your way through en route to completing the game. Jumping into the first stages, you're presented a tiled board filled with Cropsies - icons representing fruit and vegetables, plus the sun - and you then proceed to match three or more of them in a horizontal or vertical row to remove them from play. Doing so adds to a running tally of Cropsies, and if you reach the required number you win the level, entering something called Hero mode, which is an opportunity for you to nab bonus points by matching yet more Cropsies.

The game is not quite as aggressively monetized as Candy Crush Saga is. While it still incorporates a play-throttling “lives” system which depletes by one when the player fails to complete a level, the powerups available in the game are a little more reasonably priced than the rather expensive offerings in Candy Crush Saga. The player is also regularly provided with a few powerups for free — they must first be unlocked by reaching a particular level in the game, but at that point the player is immediately provided with three free “charges” of the new powerup, and when these free charges are depleted, they will regenerate over the next 12 hours rather than being gone forever. This is rather more fair to non-paying players than Candy Crush Saga, which had the potential to get very expensive very quickly.

I have made it most of the way through Candy Crush Saga without boosts. I've used a few (the PC version on King's website gives a free boost a day), but I haven't gotten to a point where I've felt it was literally impossible without reaching into my wallet. Farm Heroes provides you with boosts that recharge over a few hours (up to a day), but their effects aren't anything to write home about sans one or two. Furthermore, they simply aren't interesting.

While Farm Heroes Saga may contain match-three gameplay that's similar to other titles, even within King's own catalog, the game is downright adorable, and it comes with that same addictive itch that sees you saying "one more level" time and time again. It seems more difficult to earn three stars in any of these stages than it does in Candy Crush Saga, but if you're a fan of that particular match-three game, you'll likely love Farm Heroes Saga just as much, if not more.